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nora bordeleau

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Hi lover

I am currently in Nunavut (Google that shit!) and won't be back in Montreal until late March. Until then, I'm building a mailing list of clients who would like to meet me when I'm back in town. I also have a touring list for those cities : Ottawa, Québec, Toronto, Vancouver, NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Detroit and New Orleans.  If you wish to be added to any of those list, reach out to me at

i grew up between the st-lawrence salty water and the mountains, two elements that are still very close to my heart, two elements that are still in my veins.

adventures is what i'm seeking. a need to live all, right now.

a need to be impetuously alive, thirsty for sensations, emotions, desires, 


a thirst that i want to share

down to earth, curious, attentive 

I want to create passionate memories for us

You might notice me for my forms, but my personality and my sense of humor makes the lovers stay. i am told i was gifted with a raw & wild energy.


currently completing my master, my interests include counter-cultural movements, drama, travel, social movements and puppets.

looking for an intuitive and passionate partner, a companion who can guide your body and mind & create magical moments? you found her. 


« Once you developed that trusty and respectful relationship with her, she will take you on a sexual and intellectual journey to places you have never been. Let me just say she will literally rock your world.  »

« Playtime was simply marvelous. She is generous, sensual, energetic and very responsive. She really has a strong and unique play personality and I deeply enjoyed discovering. »

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